Way too long story of OhSoPolish

There is so much more of Poland beyond wódka and kiełbasa. I agree - they play a massive role in Polish culture. But how can one miss the epic Polish mustache, sandals with socks, addiction to queuing and constant complaining? Or Polish hospitality, babcias and breathtaking nature? Not to mention complicated history and unique customs!

I am Polish. As every young Pole, I share a very special love/hate relationship with my own country. I started to appreciate Polish culture more around two years ago, when I started teaching Polish as a foreign language. Seeing my own homeland through the eyes of my students gave me a feeling of pride. I have never experienced it  before. I wanted to know more about Poland – I started searching, reading, watching, exploring and soon I felt the urge to share my new knowledge with the whole world! This is how my first blog was born.

I started writing back in 2011 on Tumblr. I was new to blogging, but I sunk instantly! I was posting almost every single day, new readers were joining, I was so happy, that people want to read about my culture. However, life doesn't always go as we've planned it and with a heavy heart I had to abandon my blog.

Couple of weeks ago I felt like I am ready to rock again! ;-) I also noticed, that tumblr is probably not the best platform for my needs - it shifted towards gifs and pictures dominated social network. It was time for a change!

As for today - the 9th of September 2013 - I finally finished importing posts – I left only the most valuable content (well… in my opinion!). I have plans for the next couple of months, so fingers crossed!

Please note, that I am constantly working on my English and it’s far from perfect. I try to correct my older posts, so that my horrible mistakes won’t burn your eyes ;-), but it will take time! :) 

Feel free to send me corrections and your opinions!

About Adrianna

I have a BA in Oriental Studies with specialization in Mongolian and Tibetan language and culture.

In October 2013 I arrived in Germany for 4-month-long scholarship and 13 months later I am still in Leipzig (One Brazilian PhD student is to blame... ;-)). 

Learning languages is my biggest passion, so I am currently working on my second BA - this time in Spanish and Portuguese Philology. Back in Poland I used to teach Irish dance
Besides I am the author of every single post on this blog. I also love to torture foreigners with Polish. They seem to like it :-)