The History of Polish language: Błyskawiczne dzieje polszczyzny

Every now and then I encounter real gems among all the YouTube content! 

The mini video series called "Błyskawiczne dzieje polszczyzny" (Rapid History of Polish language) was created as a part of Gen Wolności (Gene of Freedom) project and presents... well... the history of Polish language in short and very interesting videos.

Screen capture of "Błyskawiczne dzieje polszczyzny" episode 1

So far there are only 4 episodes. First one explains the origin of Polish and its position among other Slavic languages. In further episodes you will find out why there are so many Latin and German loanwords in Polish, what is the oldest Polish sentence about and how does old Slavic names sound like (I love this part!).

There is just one problem... the videos are entirely in Polish! But even if you still practice your ą and ę give it a go! Maybe you can understand some words. To the rest of you - it's a must!

Watch it now:

How do you like it? Let me know!