New Approach to Polish Culture: My, Słowianie!

As promised, I share with You - my Dear Readers - everything that is interesting and worth watching about Polish culture. That's why I just have to mention a new Polish phenomenon - "My, Słowianie!" ("We, the Slavs") by Donatan-Cleo. 

If you have any Polish friends on Facebook or any other social media website, you are probably already familiar with this song, as the video went viral and gained more than 12 million views in only 7 days! It broke every record known to Polish YouTube. Why?

First, let's have a look at the lyrics. I know, that majority of you don't speak Polish just yet, that's why I made this short translation. Please keep in mind that I have zero to none training in translation and I learned my English from YouTube. Ouch. However, I think it's good enough for you to understand why Poles apparently love this song. 

My, Słowianie, wiemy, jak nasze na nas działa,
Lubimy, jak poruszasz tym, co mama w genach dała.
To jest ta gorąca krew, to jest nasz słowiański zew!

My, Słowianki, wiemy, jak użyć mowy ciała,
Wiemy, jak poruszać tym, co mama w genach dała.
To jest ta słowiańska krew, to jest ta uroda i wdzięk!

Mamy to, czego nie ma nikt inny,
Cenimy ten naturalny kształt.
Wódeczka lepsza niż whisky i giny,
Najlepsze u nas, cokolwiek byś chciał.

My na swojskiej śmietanie chowane,
delikatne, rumiane jak chleb.
Nie ma lepszych od naszych Słowianek,
Ten, kto widział i próbował, ten wie!

W genach mamy to, czego nie ma nikt inny,
Zjeżdżają do nas z wielu świata stron.
Tu dobra wódka i dobre dziewczyny,
Szukaj u nas idealnych żon.

A nasze Panie nie mają kompleksów,
Bo nie mają powodów ich mieć.
A w teledysku nie ma podtekstów,
Jak nie wierzysz, to pojedź na wieś!
We, the Slavs, know how our own works for us,
We like when you move what mother gave you in genes.
This is the hot blood, this is our Slavic call!

We, Slavic girls, know how to use the body language
We know how to move what mother gave in genes
This is the Slavic blood, this is the beauty and grace!

We have what no one else has,
We appreciate this natural shape.
Vodka is better than whiskey and gin,
We have the best - whatever you want.

We are raised on a homemade cream,
fine, golden brown like bread.
There are no better than our Slavic girls,
Anyone who saw and tried, knows!

In genes we have what no one else has,
They come to us from many sides of the world.
There is good vodka and a good girls,
Look for ideal wives here.

And our ladies don’t have complexes,
Because they have no reason to have any.
And in the video there is no implied meaning,
If you don’t believe, then visit the country side!

How do you like it so far? Do you agree? Well, if you are a male reader of my blog, in a second you will like the song even more... Just look at the visual side of this production and judge yourself.

As you probably expect, this video is quite controversial in Poland. Nudity and sexual content are still taboo in Polish popular art - so forget about Polish "Wrecking ball" ;-) However, in this case artists made it really clear that we should take their production with a grain of salt. They explain it in first 15 seconds of this video: "If you have problems with the sense of humor and keeping a healthy distance to the world or you suffer from hypertension or senility, don't watch this video. In any other case before playing the clip get familiar with a meaning of the word "irony" and contact your doctor or pharmacist, because wrong understanding of this video may cause death or health problems."

So, what do you think? Do you love or hate it? Let me know in comments! Also, if you like it, have a look at other videos of Donatan - famous one is "Nie lubimy robić" (We don't like to work) and you can watch it with English subtitles.