Andrzejki: The Eve of St. Andrew's Day

Let's forget about Black Friday madness and experience something unique tonight. Not only unique, but also magical and very popular in Poland - Andrzejki, as we call the Eve of St. Andrew's Day, is a great occasion to meet up with all your girl friends and foretell the future of your love life. (Sorry guys, you had your chance one week ago, on St. Catharine's Day).

Some says that this tradition dates back to ancient Greek times, others that it was common among Germanic tribes. All we know is that it was was already know in Poland in the 16th century and survived until this day. It's very easy to do even at home, so just gather everything you need and let's begin. Are you ready to know your future?

Pouring Wax

You will need:
  • wax (tea lights work perfectly fine)
  • bowl with cold water
  • a key with a big hole
  • a candle or a lamp
  • a wall
pour hot wax through keyhole into cold water
pour hot wax through keyhole into cold water
pour hot wax through keyhole into cold water
pour hot wax through keyhole into cold water
Pour hot wax through the keyhole into cold water. Let it harden and pick it up. That's where you need to use your imagination - try to interpret the shadow that it makes on your wall. Do you see a wedding ring? Or maybe a baby?

pour hot wax through keyhole into cold water
Apple Peel's Shapes

You will need:
  • an apple
  • a knife 
Peel an apple, trying to make that peel as long as you can. When you finish, throw it behind your back over your left shoulder. Then look at the shape made by your peel. Which letter it resembles? It's a first letter of your future husband's name.

Lining Up Shoes

You will need:
  • a shoe from your left leg
  • a doorstep
Starting in the furthest corner of your biggest room start lining up shoes of all girls into the direction of a doorstep. Move shoes from the back of the line to front as long as one will cross the doorstep. The one, whose shoe it was, will get married the quickest.

A Pierced Heart

You will need:
  • scissors
  • a piece of paper
  • a pen
  • a pin
Cut out a big heart from the piece of paper. Now write on it as many male names, as you only can think of (it's better to ask your friend to do this step). Now place the heart with the unwritten side up and using a pin pierce it in a random place. There you go - you just pierced a name of your future husband. If you are unlucky and picked a spot without any name on it, you will have to wait for your love for a long time.

Magic Cups

You will need:
  • 4 cups
  • a coin
  • a ring
  • small crucifix
Place a coin, a ring and a small crucifix under 3 cups, one leave empty. Move them around for a long time and then pick one. If you picked a coin - you will be rich, a ring - you will get married soon, a crucifix - you will become a nun, empty cup - nothing will change in your life in the following year.

If you are still not sure how to perform presented rituals, have a look at students from one of Polish dormitories - you can watch here wax pouring, lining up shoes, peeling apples, piercing heart, magic cups and many other games:

There are countless possibilities and different variants of Andrzejki's foretelling. You can also find online wax pouring, but I guess it's not as nice... Just call your girls and have fun tonight - Polish style. I guess a good hot wine will help your imagination and foretelling skills ;-)