What a Pasturage! - Polish Slang

What a pasturage*, what a Mexico* or within a beret throw* - these are only few real Polish slang phrases you can learn on Do you know Polska? - not so new website created by Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to promote Poland in more modern, youth friendly way.

You can explore Do you know Polska? in three different ways. First of all, you can learn more than 60 words and phrases used by young Poles. They are grouped into 5 categories: cool, sport, friends, party and other. After that, you can check your knowledge taking a test - it can be quite tricky even for native speakers, not used to MTV-style language. You can also add your own expressions.

I think, that the website is really well done - it's modern and really funny (well... At least for me!). They only thing that annoys me after a while is this music played over and over and over again. It's a shame, that it's so unknown in Poland - I found it only a couple days ago, by a total accident. Anyway, I highly recommend it! Let me know what's your favorite :-) Also, don't forget obczaić my mind map with some of the most used Polish slang expressions!

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