Is Crème brûlée a Traditional Polish Dessert?

Apparently so. At least according to the European Commissions new book “Tastes of Europe: A culinary voyage through Europe in 27 recipes”. Let’s have a closer look at their typical Polish cuisine choices…

Polish food in Tastes of Europe

Now, that’s interesting. I was expecting Polish pork chop schabowy, kiełbasa, bigos or pierogi – anything with cabbage, or pork, or both at the same time. Salmon and crayfish salad? That’s quite… unusual. Well, at least that salmon is from the Baltic Sea. Fair enough. And how about crème brûlée? I have heard that before WWII Warsaw was know as “Paris of the North”, but still it’s a rather long shot. However, the best is still to come – the Polish name of this traditional dish is:

 translation of Polish traditional dish according to the European Comission

Wait, what? I thought that there are thousands of professional translators working in the European Commission  but I was obviously wrong. Why did they hire Google Translate? It’s just wrong on so many levels, it’s hard for me to give you a good example in English. Imagine the worst example of Chinglish and insert it here.

Well done European Commission. I am proud of you. Great work!

If you can’t believe your eyes or you want to examine yourself other countries recipes  then go ahead and download this masterpiece for free!