Christ the King in Świebodzin: Polish Rio De Janeiro?

Spot a difference: Świebodzin vs Rio de Janeiro
Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro, Leshan Buddha in China, the Shiva in Rishikesh, India or Maitreya Buddha in Emei Lake, Taiwan - those are only few from many world's religious status. Financial status, skin tone or nationality plays a further role, when it comes to demonstrating our faith. Poland, for centuries known as the Christ of Nations and Antemorale Christianitatis couldn't fall behind, no! We had to make our statue bigger and better. Since then, 52.5 meters high Christ the King welcomes visitors from the rotten West with open arms, literally.

Świebodzin is a town in western Poland with 21,757 inhabitants. It's located 70 km away from the German border, close to the national motorway A2 and expressway S3. Apart from that, it's not the biggest national cultural or economical center. However, a local priest and businessman - Sylwester Zawadzki had a brilliant idea of building Christ the Redeemer of the East - known as Christ the King. The sculpture was inspired by its famous Brazilian ancestor, but in this case size matters. We are in Poland, here everything is bigger and better, especially our faith! Polish statue is 33 meters high - Brazilian only 30, Polish mount is more than twice as big as the one in Rio de Janeiro. Even the arms or Polish Christ are spread one meter wider. As states the title on the picture above Mamy większego! - We have a bigger one! You can even take a virtual walk around the statue, if you wish. But who paid for that? The whole amount of $1.5 million was collected from donations, mostly of Świebodzin's residents.

I guess it's not a surprise, that the statue of Christ the King received a mixed reception. Some see it as a great opportunity for the region to develop, other consider it as a big waste of money. It doesn't take a lot of research to notice, that the Statue of Christ the King isn't a new national pride symbol. Many think, that it makes no sense to build a 50 meters tall statue of Jesus in the middle of cabbage field. Jesus of Świebodzin ended up as a new Polish meme inspiration. There even is a Facebook Fanpage Statue of Christ the King in Rio de Świebodzineiro.

I am your father!
This is how every Polish border pass should look like.
I hope you enjoyed this little post about Polish culture. So, how do you like our Polish Rio de Janeiro? Let me know what you think in the comments.