1000+ Page Views: A Massive Dziękuję!

I am really excited to announce, that OhSoPolish was visited more than 1000 times in only 10 days! People from 25 countries read and share my humble posts about Polish culture, language and history. That's insane and it really means everything to me! So, once more Dziękuję - Thank You!

I try to post at least three times a week. If you want more, you are more than welcome to explore my page and read my older posts. You can do so clicking on different labels on your right, just under my Recent Pins. If you still can't get enough of Polish culture You can also:

  • Follow me on Google+: it's a great place to find even more beautiful Polish pictures, interesting videos or useful links. I post quite a lot of new content that didn't make it to my blog there. You can also follow Polish communities.
  • Follow me on Pinterest: There is not better place for sharing pictures than Pinterest - stunning Polish nature, delicious food, unique art. Just be careful - You can get addicted to Pinterest!

I really appreciate all your comments and feedback. I am waiting for your questions and suggestions, so don't forget to follow my Facebook Fanpage

If you follow many other blogs I can't also recommend a page I discovered recently - Bloglovin'. It's similar to a RSS feeder, but also allows you to easily discover and follow new blogs. I really don't know how could I live without Bloglovin'!

Dziękuję! Thank You!

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