Polish Easter: the unknown tradition of herring's and żur's funeral

So it’s been a year since I abandoned my dear blog. Oh well… this is how it goes! Hopefully I won’t let you down this time :) Here comes a new post! (Not so new as I wrote a short post about it last year… but still!)

Lent in Poland has always been very strict. For the whole period of 40 days people didn't eat not only meat, but also diary products, animal and plant fats or sugar. Their whole diet was based on śledź (herring) and żur (sour rye soups). Can you imagine that? I really can’t!

So when Lent was finally coming to an end - usually on Good Friday - in some regions of Poland people used to make a funeral of herring and sour rye soup. Pot with żur was usually buried outside of a village. Some prefer to smash a pot with żur on their beloved girl’s door as a part of a courtship (I wouldn't be too impressed…). Wooden and cardboard herring was hanged on a tree.

Sadly, nowadays this tradition is not cultivated.

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