Polish Easter: święconka - an Easter basket

Hello everyone! It’s Good Saturday! I hope you are all back home with your blessed święconka. If you are wondering what am I talking about, please read my last year’s post:
Have you ever heard of święconka? This is a purely Polish tradition related to Easter. On Holy Saturday morning everyone prepares their święconka and takes it to church to be blessed. 
Święconka is basically a basket (#10 koszyk) filled with food. However, you don’t put whatever you have in your fridge to your koszyk - every single product symbolizes something important.
I do not own this photo. I added numbers to it. Author is unknown.

#1 Chleb - bread - is a must in every święconka. Symbolizes flesh of Jesus Christ 
#2 Jajka, #3 Pisanki- eggs and painted eggs - symbol of new life and resurrection 
#4 Kiełbasa, #5 Szynka - sausage and ham -reflect the prosperity and wealth 
#8 Chrzan - horseradish - victory over grief that accompanied the suffering of Jesus Christ 
—- Sól - salt -symbolizes immortality, protection against deterioration, hospitality of the house, and the harmony and unity between God and man
#6 Babka - a cake -it represents perfection and skill. It was also a way for housewives to show off 
#7 Baranek cukrowy - sugar lamb -represents the Lamb of God 
#9 Bukszpan - box -green colour symbolizes hope 
Composition of święconka may be different in other regions of Poland. In my family we do not put chrzan, however we put some pepper and salt inside.
Blessing święconka is one of the most beloved and endured Polish traditions :-) Hope you enjoyed this little post!