EURO 2012: get ready!

There are only 13 days left until first match of EURO 2012 - Poland vs Greece. I believe all football fans already have their scarfs, crazy hats and vuvuzelas ready to cheer on their favorite team. However Polish fans got really creative… new hairstyle anyone?

As we know drinking beer with friends is a part of the whole football ritual, so let’s not forget about our smaller friends… Polish shop “Kakadu” offers non alcoholic “Hunde-bier” for our dogs.

If you need other kind of strength to cheer on your team, perhaps you should “take a spiritual doping” - that’s how publisher is advertising “Gospel for a sportsperson and fan of sports”. You can also go and pray in National Stadium’s multi-faith chapel.

And last but not least, you can feel the atmosphere of EURO 2012 for many years with special bed linen! Also, if you are one of so called “football widows” LoveStore Barbarella created a special “Survival kit” for you. I won’t go into details with this one… ;-)

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