Zdrów Jak Ryba - Healthy Like a Fish

Another little help to extend your Polish vocabulary. In Polish we use a lot of “adjective + an animal name” phrases to describe people - there you have the most popular ones:
  • zdrów jak ryba - healthy like a fish
  • pracowity jak mrówka - hardworking like an ant
  • uparty jak osioł - stubborn like a donkey
  • mądry jak sowa - wise like an owl
  • głodny jak wilk - hungry like a wolf
  • ślepy jak kret - blind like a mole
  • wierny jak pies - devoted like a dog
  • chytry jak lis - smart like a fox
  • przebiegły jak wąż - cunning like a snake
  • odważny jak lew - brave like a lion
  • dumny jak paw - proud like a peacock
  • głupia jak gęś - dumb like a goose
  • silny jak tur - strong like an aurochs (ox)
All those phrases are in masculine gender. To make it feminine change the ending “-y” to “-a”, and to make it neutral - change to “-e”.

Small exception is a word “zdrów”, which is an archaic form of the modern word “zdrowy/zdrowa/zdrowe”. However it still occurs in some phrases.

I hope you like it! 

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