Want to See Warsaw During EURO 2012?

Good luck. It turned out that all the main sights of Warsaw will be covered in EURO 2012 advertisements. It was part of the deal made with UEFA… it mentions the Royal Castle, Museum of the Warsaw Upraising and the Old Town.

So ugly, let’s cover it!

In general, citizens of Warsaw simply can not wait for new wonderful ideas of hiding our city behind new billboards. By now, all bus stops, bridges, some buildings and previously mentioned by me Central Railway Station are covered by a ridiculous amount of advertisements, coming in all possible shapes and sizes. Just have a look.

It’s easier to cover than to clean, isn’t it? Love the “Warszawa wita” - “Warsaw welcomes you” sign and the rusty stains!

I really do not know what to say about that… I just can’t wait to stick a small banner advertising beer or juice to my own face!