Polish Proverbs: January - Styczeń

I am back :-)

As you can see, I love creating series of posts - and here comes the new one. Every four weeks I will present you some proverbs connected with this month. And in Poland, we simply adore proverbs! Most of them are connected with weather and fertility foretelling. Interesting thing that many of them say quite do opposite! But well, maybe it just differs among polish regions.

All proverbs rhyme in Polish. Please pardon me, as they are really hard to translate… I will try to provide you with pronunciation, to make it more fun :D Also literal translation will be provided where needed. Have fun, try to read all those proverbs.

  • Gdy w styczniu leje, złe robi nadzieje. [Ghdee v steechnyoo lay-ye, zwe robhi nageye]
When it rains in January, it gives bad hopes. - Rain in January means bad weather for a whole year.

  •  Styczeń pogodny wróży rok płodny. [Steechen po-god-ni vrooji rock pwodhni]
Sunny January augurs fertile year.

  •  Kiedy styczeń najostrzejszy tedy roczek najpłodniejszy. [Kyedhee stichen nay-ost-jay-shee tedee rocheck nay-pwod-nyay-shee]
The more sever January, the more fertile the year - quite the opposite to the previous one!

  • Na Nowy Rok przybywa dnia na barani skok. [Nah no-vee rock pjee-bee-vah dnya nah bar-annie scock]
In the New Year day attains as ram’s leap (that’s a hard one for me) - After New Year’s Day there is more and more sunlight every day.

  • Kiedy w styczniu rośnie trawa marna w lecie jest potrawa. [Khyedee v steechnyoo roshnye trava mhar-nah v le-chye yest pot-rav-ah]
When grass grows in January, then in the summer dish is weak - There won’t be too much food in the summer if January is too warm.

  •  Kiedy w styczniu rosną trawy Lipiec dla nas niełaskawy.[Khyedee v steechnyoo ross-no travee leap-yec dhlah nass nye-wass-kha-vee]
When grass grows in January, then July has no mercy for us.

  •  Kiedy ptaki w styczniu śpiewają to im w maju dzioby zamarzają. [Khyedee ptha-khi v steechnyoo shpyeva-yo tho eem v mayu joby za-mar-za-yo]
When birds sing in January, then in may their beaks froze.

Hope you enjoyed this little post :) Don’t twist your tongue trying to pronounce them all!

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