Kolada, nawieczerie, soczelnik

You thought Christmas are over? You are wrong - today more than 600 thousands Polish Orthodox Catholics will celebrate their Christmas Eve!

In Poland the Orthodox Christmas Eve is know under many different names - kolada, nawieczerie or soczelnik are the most popular ones.

The Christmas Eve is proceeded by 40-days of fast. However, at the Christmas Eve’s day the fast is very strict - many people don’t eat or even drink anything whole day.

The traditions of first star on the sky on the sky, hay under table cloth, twelve dishes and free place for unexpected guest ramain the same as in polish catholic Christmas Eve’s dinner. Don’t forget to read more about it here!

Also the dinner itself isn’t too different from the Roman Catholic one - it consists of the same soups, fish, dish with cabbage and mushrooms. Only the Christmas wafer is replaced with prosfora - small bread made of wheat flour, yeast, salt and water.

img src: garbouz.ru

According to traditionthe Christmas table should include chleb [hleb] bread - a symbol of food, czosnek [chose-n-egg] garlic - a symbol of health,  sól [sool] salt - a symbol of abundance, miód [myood] honey - a symbol of success.

After the dinner everyone goes to church for a whole night adoration of Nativity’s icon.

Funny thing is that some people celebrate Christmas in Poland twice - my grandmother and her brother’s family celebrate first with us on 24th of December and then again today, as they are Orthodox Catholics. I also heard that in some parts of Poland Orthodox Catholics decided to celebrate their Christmas with Roman Catholics - it’s just much more convenient. However in Eastern Poland - in regions of  Białystok and Hajnówka people still celebrate Christmas only in January.

The end! Hope you learned something new again. Merry Christmas to all my Orthodox Catholic friends and family!