Polish Christmas: Other goods

As you already know, we start our Christmas feast (actually, Christmas Eve's fest) with opłatek, a Christmas wafer. Then we move to delicious soups, followed by fish in various forms and some mouth-watering pierogi. But you also know, that traditionally we have to prepare at least 12 dishes, and we are not even close yet. But don't worry! I am here to present you other traditional and very common treats!

The Kingdom of Cabbage
Actually I mean sauerkraut’s kingdom, but once a cabbage - always a cabbage, right? As you  have probably already noticed, sauerkraut is widely used on Polish Christmas Eve’s table - remember pierogi, right? In Polish cuisine we try not to waste any food, so here come kapusta z grzybami (sauerkraut with mushrooms) and kapusta z grochem (sauerkraut with peas). Basically, if you'd prepared too much filling for your pierogi or pastries, you can easily make kapusta z grzybami/grochem and it will count as one of 12 traditional dishes :) Simple as that. It’s great as side dish for fried fish too!

Śledzie pod pierzynką - Herrings “under a duvet”

This is another great way to serve fish during our Christmas dinner. Although the name sounds kind of unusual, it is simply a herring salad. The name comes from the way of serving it - the fish is covered with layers of onions, potatoes, beetroot, eggs and mayonnaise. There are many variations of this dish, however it should always be served in a glass bowl, so that we can see all the layers of the “duvet”.

Kotleciki ryżowe z sosem grzybowym - rice cutlets with mushroom sauce

Another simple, yet delicious dish. Small rice cutlets with dried mushrooms spice. Similar to kapusta z grzybami, they can either be a dish on their own or serve as a side dish to fried fish.

Gołąbki - “little pigeons”

I translated the name literally. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But don’t be afraid, we don’t eat meat on Christmas Eve, as you all know by now, so no pigeons were harmed! Gołąbki are similar to the rice cutlets, however now we wrap them with cabbage. Some people like to add some mushrooms inside, others use mushroom sauce or even tomato sauce. Normally in Poland gołąbki are made with meat and rice inside, though it’s rarely (never?) pigeons meat :-)

Yumm! I can't wait until the Christmas Eve! And now it's time for another great Polish Christmas song.