Polish Christmas: Fight for Fish's Freedom!

It’s our brand new “tradition” :-) Again, the king of the night - Mr.Carp - is in the spotlight.

Speaking about Mr.Carp - pan Karp is the name of new campaign encouraging people to eat more carp. Yeah, even MORE! It’s partially financed by The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (uff…that’s a long one) as a part of balanced fishery project.

Sadly, it’s only available in Polish, but it’s aim is to inform us that, in comparison to chemistry, students life or stressful work, preparing carp is a piece of cake!

Perhaps you don’t know, but in Poland it’s definitively not for the fainthearted! You buy carp still alive and bring it home. If it’s still alive you either let it swim in your own bathtub or your dad/granddad/brother/husband takes a hammer and… and later go to previous post to find out what to do with “the body” ;-) 

img source: rafsikora.blogspot.com

"Coraz bliżej śnięta" comes from polish slogan "Coraz bliżej święta” - “Holidays are coming”. “Śnięta ryba” means “dead fish”. Dead fish is coming!

And here comes the main issue for more and more people - how can we celebrate birth of God’s son and break “You shall not kill” commandment? Also those who are not christian are worried about the case, because literally every year we are witnessing “carpocide”. I made that term ;-) However it’s true in a way, carps are stored in simply dreadful conditions, many of them are already dead but still in the same container with those who later will end up on our tables… 

And this is how the social campaign “Uwolnij karpia” - “Release the carp” started - you go to store, buy as much as you can and then go to nearest lake and release the carps!

"Christmas Eve can be happy not only for you! Buy a carp and set if free!" and "Christmas Eve’s carp liberation front"

However, as life is not always so simple - doing the right thing can do even more harm. By buying a lot of carps we generate demand and higher demand generates higher supply. Following year even more carps will suffer. Secondly those carps are not used to wildlife, they have no chance to survive in cold water without food. And last but not least, they could have illness that can destroy ecosystem of the particular lake we choose to be a new home for our carp.

I just found out that keeping carp in bathtub and feeding it with bread long before Christmas is illegal in Poland. I also checked what is the official method of killing carp recommended by polish fishermen. You should grab a fish and hit it with blunt object at back of its head. Try to not miss. It’s concerned as the most humanitarian method. You certainly can’t leave her to die in plastic bag, or in sink.

Disclaimer: I do eat meat and I do sometimes eat fish. I don’t hate people who eat carp on Christmas! I’m simply informing You all about this carp-gate, as it’s part of Polish culture :-)