What has Swedish power metal to do with Polish history?

I bet none of you ever expected to learn much about polish history while listening to power metal music? Yeah, me neither. However, it is possible!

Swedish group called Sabaton takes their lyrical inspirations from historical events, wars and battles - Vietnam war, Falklands war, the Battle of Berlin and many more. Although most interesting for us is that they also composed 3 songs regarding Polish history:  the Warsaw Upraisingthe Battle of Wizna and about non-British pilots serving in the RAF in the Battle of England.

1. “Upraising” - about Warsaw Upraising - it’s an unofficial video, but definetely worth watching! Video with Polish subtitles.

2. “40:1” - about Battle of Wizna.  Please note: Polish lyrics in subtitles are not exact translations of English lyrics.

3. “Aces in Exile” - about non-British pilots of the RAF in the Battle of England.

And as always… Enjoy!

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