The Eve of St. Andrew's Day - "Andrzejki" in Poland

The night of the 29th through the 30th of November has always been special in Poland. That night young girls gathered together to foretell their fortune, especially regarding love interests and marriage. They used different methods to get to know date of their marriage or name of future husbands, I will try to tell you more about the most popular ones. Don’t forget to try them tonight!
  • Pouring hot wax through key hole into the water - this is the most popular way in Poland to guess profession of your husband-to-be. Basically, you pour hot wax through keyhole into cold water, then you use your imagination to guess what shows the waxy shape. Also, you can put a shadow of that shape on the wall to help yourself with guessing.
  • Lining up shoes - all participants have to line their shoes up  towards the door in a straight line, starting at the end of the room. Then the last person takes their shoe to the begging of the line, and so on. That one whose shoe will cross the door is believed to get married first!
  • Peeling an apple - take big apple, and try to make the longest peel you can. Then take that peel and throw it behind your back. Shape of the peel corresponds with first letter of your true love’s name.
  • Four cups - You hide a coin, a ring and a leaf under three cups, and leave one cup empty. Then you shuffle all four of them and pick up one. The Coin means you will be wealthy next year, the ring that you will get married soon, the leaf - beginning of new love. If there is nothing under your cup, then sadly, nothing will change in your life!
This is great video showing three of mentioned by me methods - sadly its is only in Polish. But you can see the wax method - 0:41-1:11, lining up shoes - 1:11 - 1:22 and peeling an apple - 1:23 - 1:39. The forth method showed in the video is not traditional Polish one.

There were many more ways of foretelling your future, including eating salty herings without drinking any water the next day, sleeping with bones under pillow… but I will leave them for next year’s Andrzejki!

Nowadays Andrzejki are just another occasion to have fun with friends and to keep the tradition alive :-)