Polish Sounds 1 - hau, miau, kra!

I've decided to start my first series of posts called “the Polish sounds”. As you probably already know it will be dedicated to various sounds of Polish ;-) In this post I will deal with sounds made by animals. Onomatopoeias vary among the languages - that’s why English dogs go “woof”, Russian “gav” and Mandarin Chinese most probably “wang”. That’s how we Poles hear our animals!

Please note, all recordings are made by me - I had so much fun doing it! :)

Let’s start with pets:

1. Kot (cat) - miau

2. Pies (dog) - hau hau


1. Krowa (cow) - muu

2. Koń (horse) - i-ha-haa

3. Świnia (pig) - chrum chrum

4. Koza (goat) - mee

5. Owca (sheep) - bee

6. Osioł (donkey) - i-o

Pets and livestock by Ada


1. Kogut (rooster) - kukuryku

2. Gęś (goose) - gę gę

3. Kaczka (duck) - kwa kwa

4. Wrona (crow) - kra kra

5. Małe ptaki (little birds) - ćwir ćwir

6. Sowa (owl) - hu hu

birds by Ada

Other animals:

1. Wąż (snake) - sssss

2. Żaba (frog) - kum kum

3. Ropucha (toad) - re re

Other sounds related to animals:

1. Stopping a horse - prrr

2. Calling cats - kici kici

3. Calling hens and chickens - cip cip

4. Calling geese - taś taś

5. Calling squirrels - basia basia

Others by Ada

Tell me, what’s your favorite sound? :) How those animals sound in your language?

I’m waiting for your responses!