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Cześć! Dzień dobry! Hello!

Have you ever wondered how to pronounce those crazy Polish words like "Brzęczyszczykiewicz"? Are you moving to Poland for work? Or maybe your want to impress your Polish in-laws with your mad Polish skills?

If so, I think I can help! I am a native Polish speaker and an experienced teacher of languages. I hold the University of Cambridge CELTA - a world renown certification that gave me the essential knowledge and additional hand-on experience to teach languages to adults. Apart from English and Polish, I also speak German, Spanish and some Russian and Portuguese. I have helped students from all over the world: the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia, Canada, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Belarus, Ukraine, Senegal, France, Turkey, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Hong Kong and China, and the list goes on! 

I use comprehensive teaching methods, trying to fully cover all crucial skills: from pronunciation and speaking to perfecting grammar and vocabulary. I always keep an eye on the newest methods and materials for teaching foreign languages and use genuine textbooks from the best publishers. I also prepare every lesson for every student individually. 

I offer both general language and conversational courses. I specialize in the "hard cases": if you think you are too old or not talented enough to learn a language as an adult, I will prove you wrong!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. You can also message me on Facebook. I am looking forward to teaching you Polish!

More about me:

I have always been interested in foreign languages, but sadly I wasn't born with a natural talent for learning them! I didn't give up, though. Now I hold a Bachelor's degree in Mongolian and Tibetan Studies, and the CELTA, the famous certification of the University of Cambridge that allows me to teach English all over the world. 

Teaching Polish is my full time job. In my free time I enjoy learning - now I concentrate on my Urdu, Russian and Ukrainian. Apart from that, I am an avid traveler. So far, I have visited 23 countries. Tell me about your story! I am looking forward to meeting you!

How to call your Polish significant other

Happy Valentine's Day! It's maybe not the most popular Polish holidays, but since your already have a Polish significant other, let's try being romantic Polish style, shall we? I assume you already mastered the art of saying "Kocham Cię", so it's time for something more advanced...

 Forget about baby, honey and darling! Aren't we creative?

If you are already a little bit more advanced student of Polish you might also want to know that affectionate nicknames are a classic example of the vocative case (wołacz)!

Which one is your favorite?

Fat Thursday: Tłusty Czwartek in Poland

There is this one special day in the middle of winter, when all of us suddenly forget about any form of a diet and counting calories. Some may even wake up early and find themselves waiting in a long line, just to sink their teeth into a deep-fried piece of dough filled with sweet confiture, also known as pączek (read: pawn-chehk). 

It's said that traditionally Polish housewives wanted to use up all the lard, fruits and sugar before the beginning of the Lent to prevent any food waste, as the consumption of this kind of goods was forbidden until Easter. That's how our delicious and mouthwatering pączki were invented!

How many did you eat today?

Essential Guide to Polish Christmas

Christmas is probably the most beautiful and beloved holiday in Poland. The smell of baked fish, pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms mixed with sweet scent of poppy seeds, nuts and honey brings back the best memories of some quality time spent with your loved ones. Christmas, or as we say Boże Narodzenie, has also it's own unique and very Polish traditions. As intriguing as they are, they can also be pretty overwhelming! So if it's your first Christmas with your Polish in-laws or you decided to celebrate with your Polish friends, here is my seven part Essential Guide to Polish Christmas!

You should start with some absolute basics - when do we celebrate? Where is the meat? What is opłatek? How many dishes you have to try to be healthy and lucky in the following year? You can find answers to this question in the first part: Everything You Have to Know about Polish Christmas.

Absolute basics of Christmas in Poland
Four parts of our guide present the most common and beloved Polish Christmas foods: soups, fish, pierogi and other goods that you can find on every Polish Christmas table. They are real treats for all you foodies out there!

Polish Christmas soups; barszcz, grzybowa, rybna and zupa z suszu.
Polish Christmas fish dishes: karp, ryba po grecku or ryba w galarecie?
World famous Polish pierogi!
That's not all. Find out more Polish Christmas treats!

And that's not all! If you want to impress your Polish family and friends with your knowledge, take some time to read about folk Christmas traditions in Poland and the person who brings gifts to Polish children - it's not necessarily Santa Claus!

Folk Polish Christmas traditions

Santa who?

If you found the guide useful, please let me know in comments or follow me on Facebook where I post daily!